Israel Offshore - We have searched the entire globe, and everyone agrees.        Highly educated agents create quality outsourcing conversions. Israel offers just that! With Israel's high immigrant population, Israel is widely known to have the highest civilian to college educated professional ratio in the world.

Here at Israel Offshore we strive to provide a glimpse of what Israel has to offer. We guarantee superb quality offshore outsourcing work at amazing Call Center's price point. We have teamed up with outsourcing providers all over Israel in order to offer the greatest range of Call Center service. Contact us today for more informationabout our Call Center Services
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What makes our call centers so much more productive than others?
 A) Our top notch agents, 
 B) Zero tolerance for unprofessionalism, 
 C) Motivation for success. 

A) Israel Offshore’s agents are all native English speakers and fully educated to work in sales and marketing, unlike many other outsourcing companies.

B) Within the call centers there is absolutely no tolerance of any unprofessionalism, all the call center agents are required to respect and uphold the workplace.

C) Our agents are motivated to be as successful and productive as they can. They work in an honest, secure and trustworthy environment. This winning combination is the secret to our success and has our agents working hard every shift and making you the money you deserve!

How do we create so many call center leads for the customers?
One of he most important services offered by any telemarketing company is “Lead generation”.  We are fully aware that most outsourcing customers today do not expect a very high level of any service from outsourcing companies including lead generation, but with Israel offshore Call Center you will get the best!

Israel offshore’s call center agents and quality of work is excellent, including our lead generation services. Our records prove that we generate more leads per hour and per dollar than any other call center company in Europe! All our agents are American born and fully trained and extremely motivated to turn every potential call in to a good business lead. 

Why waste hours a day generating your business leads when we all know you have more important and productive things to do with your time. Let Israel offshore Call Center generate those leads for you, set up those meetings and inform your customers. All you have to do is close the deal! 

Don’t lose out on our call center services, join us today and watch your workload drop more than you would believe!

Proven - We Provide The Best Services!
Outsourcing telemarketing call centers to somewhat cheaper and undeveloped countries has been a growing phenomenon. The phenomenon of outsourcing call centers has taken place not only in the United States but also in most of Western Europe. The primary destinations for these outsourced call centers are usually countries like China, Mexico, Bangladesh, India and the Philippines. Many costumers come to Israel Offshore’s offices and ask why they should outsource their call centers, and specifically why they should outsource their call centers to Israel.

Israel Offshore give the same five simple answers to all their potential telemarketing costumers.

1)Outsourcing to a call center will save your business money on a number of fronts.
2)Outsourcing to a call center will save your business from dealing with cold calling and training telemarketing agents.
3)Outsourcing to a call center allows your business to cut its rent space as it will not have to deal with renting any additional space for          the telemarketing center.
4)Outsourcing to a call center to Israel promises your business the finest quality in telemarketing centers.
5)Outsourcing to a call center to Israel Offshore guarantees your business excellent telesales results at the lowest rates.

Don’t hesitate to ask any more questions. We have all the answers! 

Call Center Info:

Phone: 877-255-2895
[email protected]

Israel Offshore  -  We provide and run only the best Call Centers you can find. 
Israel Offshore is globally recognized for their highely educated telemarketing agents and excellent trustworthy calling environments that are all brought together in some of the best Call Centers around the globe!. 

Call Centers are a growing phenomenon and one would think it is difficult to be the leading Call Center in the world. That is not terribly true. Being the best Call Center in the world only takes a number of simple steps. Our Call Center takes all those necessary steps Our Call Centers are located in various locations that maximizes time and potential.