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Have you ever spent an entire day in work and realized that you’ve spent most of it setting future appointments? 
Have you spent countless unnecessary hours in the office waiting for potential clients who never show up?

Not anymore you don’t!
With the services of Israel offshore, we will do all your appointment setting for you. Your calendar will look half empty after you relive yourself of the burden so called “appointment setting”.

With overqualified English speaking agents we promise you and your calendar an easier life. We will provide you with data and a full chart of face to face or phone appointments and meetings.

Your daily productivity will massively increase as you will find yourself with time to get the real work one while leaving all the dreaded appointment setting to us.

Israel Offshore’s call centers are well run and have only the best agents working on the job. Setting daily appointments for hundreds of businesses on a daily basis, sort of makes us experts at appointment setting does it not?

So stop wasting time, let us do all the appointment setting for you while you bring in the big bucks!   

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