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Call centers in the Unites States and the United Kingdom offer amazing services but at high costs. An alternative lies with outsourcing call centers. It may seem to be a good solution, seeing as the call centers that are based in the under-developed countries offer their call center services at offshore prices, a fraction of the price paid in America. Regrettably those centers seem to perform far below the average standard of American call centers. 

Call centers in Israel, a technologically developed country, offer services on the same level as the call centers in the U.S and the U.K all at offshore prices. 

Israeli call centers and specifically Israel Offshore have outstanding services and even better results. Israel Offshore’s call centers are open 24 hours a day thus expanding the number of time zones to call to. 

An additional value at Israel Offshore is that no matter what time of day, 24/7, we offer the same exceedingly low offshore prices. 
Why waste any more time. If you have found Israel Offshore, you have found a call center service supplier that will consistently produce excellent results at the lowest offshore prices. You may search far and wide to find another call center services supplier like Israel Offshore but with no prevail.

Excellent services! Offshore prices at any time of day! Beat that!

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Started a project for one of the fortune 500 companies

Awarded Outsourcing Excellence From ZOAX  Weekly.

We outsourced project #300 

Awarded "Call Center Company of the Year" by  Megatax.