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Have you developed an exquisite product or service and you’re having trouble with market recognition? All you have to do is hire Israel Offshore’s call center services.

Israel Offshore is an internationally recognized company. Israel Offshore is an Israel based telemarketing and call center company, and has numerous call centers around Israel. Israel Offshore’s call centers have proven to produce the best results in the telemarketing market. The call centers are very efficiently run and the customers are increasing constantly. 

The excellent results in the call centers are dependant on a number of fairly important elements that are crucial for the success of any high profile call center. The elements include; fully trained and qualified call center agents, fluent English speaking call center agents, an honest and trustworthy environment within the call centers, a supportive environment for all the call center agents and good telesales training for the call center’s agents. Israel Offshore takes these elements very seriously and therefore they produce the best results, no other call center compares. 

Israel Offshore’s call center services provide the best results, the most sales and the lowest rates. Why bother searching anywhere else. 

Israel Offshore’s call centers in the place for you!     

Israel Offshore Sales
Israel Offshore Call Centers
- Tel Aviv, Israel

- Beit Shemesh, Israel

- Jerusalem, Israel

- Haifa, Israel

- Maalei Adumim, Israel

- Rehovot, Israel

- Eilat, Israel

- New York, NY

- San Francisco, CAL
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