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What makes Israel Offshore’s call centers better than any other call centers?

1)Excellent agents in the call centers.
Israel Offshore’s agents are hand picked by a group of head hunters dedicated to find the best potential telemarketing agents around. Before the agents are placed in the call centers they go thorough and intense course. In the course the future call center agents learn how to maximize potential and turn every call into revenue.

2)Healthy call center environment.
The environment in our call centers is one of our top priorities. We believe that in order for a call center to be as productive as possible the call center agents must feel that they are supported and loved. Israel Offshore’s call centers are run in a trustworthy and honest environment, a crucial element for the success of any call center.

3)Professionalism in the call center.
The first rule in the Israel Offshore call agents hand book is that the call center is first and for most a work place, a work place that requires all its call center workers to be professional and productive in order to succeed. We do believe in occasionally spoiling our call center agents and holding team work building days of fun. However the call center is a place of work and therefore all call center workers are asked to show respect and professionalism when at the call center.

Our Call Center Services
Israel Offshore Call Centers
- Tel Aviv, Israel

- Beit Shemesh, Israel

- Jerusalem, Israel

- Haifa, Israel

- Maalei Adumim, Israel

- Rehovot, Israel

- Eilat, Israel

- New York, NY

- San Francisco, CAL
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